Strength In Numbers


ACCES implements programs and projects in partnership with specific communities, their leaders, local officials, and other development experts. In fact, partnerships are one of the keys to our success.

 Rather than hiring a large staff of extension workers, ACCES finds local experts and organizations that already do the kind of community development that is required, and enlists them to work with ACCES. In this way, ACCES helps build local capacity from the professionals, avoids duplication of effort, and contributing to collaboration and information sharing among the many organizations working in the same areas.


It also means that ACCES can spend less and help greater numbers of people, making your donation dollars go further, and do more.

 Our partners include medical clinics, hospitals, universities, other community based societies and international non-government organizations (NGOs), government ministries and many others.

ACCES has also been instrumental in the establishment of the NGO Network, working with them to increase our collective capacity to help people help themselves.