At the Sole of Education



Jigger infestation is one of the biggest health challenges in Kenya, keeping thousands of poor rural children out of school. The Kenyan government’s National Policy Guidelines for Prevention and Control of jiggers says “Jigger infestations lead to many affected children dropping out of school as they are unable to walk to school and also because they face the challenge of stigmatization and discrimination. This leads to a vicious cycle of poverty, ignorance and disease.”

Jigger eradication is one of the key pillars of the Community Health Program, to not only eliminate the menace among the stricken, but to find out-of-school children and get them enrolled in school. ACCES conducts jigger eradication events hosted at rural public primary schools in areas with high infestation rates. As multiple families come for treatment, out-of-school children are enumerated, and enrolled at the school. Each of their families is then followed up with a household fumigation and treatment, as well as training on how to stay jigger-free.

ACCES has seen a 90% success rate of jigger-free families and an overall 7% increase in school attendance where this program has been implemented.

Help us find more out-of-school children, get them healthy, and into a school!