The Jigger Problem Is Bigger Than Official Estimates

February 1, 2016 - 1 minute read

After working in more than 20 communities over the last year, ACCES has discovered that the prevalence of jiggers is a much larger and more serious problem than initial estimates indicated.
On average, there have been 250 infested children in a rural school – more than 30%. Of those children, an average of 40 are severely infested, who also report siblings at home that are out of school. A survey of households in just a 1 KM radius of the schools has shown that an average of 13 families have children not attending school due to jiggers, with all members severely infested.
ACCES is now working on a joint plan with its partner groups and the government to create multiple teams in order to expand the project county wide for a much bigger impact. There are thousands of children unable to attend school becasue of jiggers. We can solve this problem with your help.