Scholarship Sponsorship

June 1, 2015 - Less than a minute read

0a4b0b83cae3085bd4cd49ed_241x280110 (41 middle level college 69 university) students began their post-secondary journey in September. That’s more than 350 active scholarships this year in total! 

If you’ve never sponsored a student before, or if you would to support another one, please contact the ACCES office at 604-688-4880, or click here to inquire by email. Remember, that your support is multiplied when you sponsor a post-secondary student, as each one, on average, helps seven others to go to school!

A new batch of student letters has just arrived. Click here if you’re a student supporter and would like a scanned copy of one them sent to you by email. What a great way to enjoy the support you provide