All donations and Gift Catalog orders are final, and no refunds may be issued. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Reference Number CSP-G01 Policy Statement says, "At law, a gift is a voluntary transfer of property without consideration."

According to the CRA, a gift transfers ownership of the money of other gifted property from the donor to the charity. Once the transfer is made, the charity is obliged to use the gift in carrying out its charitable purposes.

However, CRA does allow a charity to retain the goodwill of donors seeking the return of their gifts by offering to transfer the gifted property to another registered charity. In no case is it possible to partially or fully refund a donation or Gift Catalog purchase to the credit card or account holder who placed the gift.

ACCES can change Gift Catalog items provided the changed items total the amount originally donated through the Gift Catalog, or in the case of a higher total, an additional amount is donated to the meet the new, higher total.

Please contact our office through the Contact Us page for more information on the CRA guidelines regarding charitable gift refunds.



ACCES does not ship anything. The Gift Catalog items are not located in Canada, nor are they shipped to or from anywhere. All items in the Gift Catalog are available in the country where the program is operating, and are procured locally by the ACCES staff implementing the programs. The Gift Catalog is a tool to assist donors to direct their donations to a specific program, or type of assistance in the communities where ACCES works. Please submit a message to us from the Contact Us page if you would like to discuss ordering options, or require more information about donating to ACCES programs.

All funds are taken in Canadian. Payment Methods: American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Interac.
ACCES is a registered Canadian charitable non-profit organization:
Our charitable registration number is 13983 1770 RR0001.
All donations of $10 and over are tax deductible and 100% of your donation will go to the program you designate.


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