Agricultural Projects

Investing in agri-business helps families to create their own solutions to overcoming poverty. Not only does it provide increased incomes, but increased food security and a higher level of nutrition as well. This contributes to improved health, better school attendance and increased literacy. We are happy to receive any amount that you feel is appropriate. The following is a guide as to the activities that your donation can support;

  • $30 – Seed packet of indigenous plants (1 packet per farmer)
  • $50 – Banana trees or tomato plants (10 per farmer)
  • $75 – Agricultural tool kit, or section of fence (1 kit per farmer)
  • $100 – Organic farming course
  • $150 – Animal husbandry course and supplies
  • $200 – Greenhouse or fish pond supplies
  • $3,500 – Greenhouse structure (1 per community)