The anonymous donor that offered matching funds to fight jiggers until the end of June 2016 has met the match. Thanks to your support, ACCES has received the entire matching fund!
With these matching funds, ACCES will be able continue for another year to implement this important initiative to find kids who aren’t in school because of jiggers, get them healthy and into a classroom! Remember, only $3.00 will treat a child.
Why its important: To ensure that ALL children are able go to school and study in good health. Jiggers are debilitating, and even deadly if not eradicated. ACCES and its partners are following the government of Kenya’s National Policy On Jigger Eradication to improve primary education outcomes.

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You can still show your passion for children’s education, by supporting the Jigger Eradication Fund today!
Click here to donate online, or call (604) 688.4880 to set it up over the phone.