Healthy Kids Do Better at School

January 1, 2016 - 1 minute read

The Kenyan government now estimates that 1.8 million people are infested with jiggers in Western Province. It’s likely that at least half of them are school aged children when you see the population numbers. Children infested with jiggers are too sick, incapacitated and stigmatized go to school at all. ACCES is working with local partners to help eradicate this public health menace, locate out-of-school children, get them healthy, and enrolled in school.

Matching Funds

Thanks to an anonymous donor who has provided matching funds, ACCES is currently:

  • treating individuals
  • fumigating infested homes
  • dusting floors and bedding with diatomaceous earth, a safe, natural product that kills the jigger flea on contact
  • training community members on hygiene practices to keep the pests away
  • enumerating out-of-school children and enrolling them in local primary schools

Why its important: To ensure that ALL children are able go to school and study in good health. Jiggers are debilitating, and even deadly if not eradicated. ACCES and its partners are following the government of Kenya’s National Policy On Jigger Eradication to improve primary education outcomes.

Show your passion for children’s education, and support the 2016 Jigger Eradication Fund today!

Click here to donate online, or call (604) 688.4880 to set it up over the phone.



Treating children for jiggers.
Formerly out-of-school child.
Clarah with severe case.