From A Housegirl To A Teacher

February 15, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Philis, a 25-year-old lady has all the reasons to smile and enjoy the light of the candle that was lit by African Canadian Continuing Education Society [ACCES]. Having been born in a humble background where abject poverty had anchored its roots, she struggled to get through her primary and secondary education, enduring many hardships. But through her hard work and the help of her parents who fought to ensure she had access to education, she succeeded.

“My vessel started sinking when I lost my father due to HIV/AIDS. It was only a few months to the release of secondary examination results, but personally, I knew that was the end of my education since mum was helpless… She was also struggling with the same disease.” Being the first born in the family of six siblings, she “chewed the bitter herbs” and took up the responsibility of making sure her little brothers and one sister had something to put in their mouths at the end of the day.

She chose to be a house girl in Nairobi city with a meager payment of ksh 3500 per month. She put away her commendable secondary results and the admission letter to university, since she simply could not raise the funds for her tertiary education.

After years of struggle, she received information about African Canadian Continuing Education society (ACCES) from her friend who encouraged her to apply for the scholarship. Determined to be a successful woman, she applied and was awarded.

She joined Kibabii University for diploma in Education and graduated in 2016. She is now employed as a teacher, helping other family members to access education. Through ACCES Philis now smiles. You too can make someone smile through your generosity.