ACCES: My Access To Success

February 15, 2016 - 2 minutes read

“I finally got to University after a long struggle in secondary and primary education, but it was hell for me; from lack of school fees to accommodation to personal upkeep,” says John, ACCES beneficiary “I was forced to take an academic leave.” After spending the entire small amount of money he had collected from family contributions and well-wishers for his admission to University, John was simply unable maintain himself at school due to financial constraints.

John eventually gave up and decided to just stay at home after his academic leave period was over after he had run out of all other means of raising his school fees. His parents had nothing, there were no jobs, and even the community was wearied of the many harambees (community fund raisers) that had been conducted over the years towards his education.

“My happiest moment was when I was walking in our local market and I happened to meet with my former primary teacher who gave me a leaflet containing information about African Canadian Continuing Education Society (ACCES). I had no time to waste so I immediately applied for the scholarship and luckily enough, I was awarded.”

John is now a third year at Maasai Mara University in Kenya, pursuing his bachelors of public administration/political science. Through the selflessness of individuals who fund ACCES, John’s dreams have become validated, having only one year left to accomplish his degree.

Many in the Kenyan societies of today, especially those who live in rural areas, find it increasingly difficult to access education. Not because they choose to, but because of the deep-rooted poverty that is circumnavigating around them. Having a selfless heart of giving can help make every member of society validate his or her dreams. Thanks to all of you who take the initiative to help others!