Lynda, was brought up with a single parent after death snatched her father in the…



Lynda, was brought up with a single parent after death snatched her father in the year 2006. “My father was the pillar of the family and the bread winner, yet even with him we were struggling, I saw a dark future after his death, since I knew that my mother now had to double her responsibilities,” says Lynda.

Lynda’s mother pushed forward and started a small business of selling ‘UMENA’ sardines and tomatoes in the local market. The business helped the family to meet the basic needs, but very little more. Through perseverance and hard work, Lynda finally managed to finish her primary and secondary education, and passed with high marks.

Unfortunately, cancer invaded her mother the same year she finished her secondary education. This was her darkest moment, as she knew that it meant the end of her education. Their already limited resources were diverted for the medication of her mother, and everything went astray.

Lynda decided to bury her admission letter to the tertiary institution in a forlorn grave, and took up the responsibilities of nursing her mother and taking care of her younger siblings. For five long years Lynda kept the candle burning, hoping that one day all would be well and she would be able to continue with her education. Lynda got her break when African Canadian Continuing Education Society came to her rescue in 2013 and she was awarded a scholarship.

Lynda graduated from Kenya Institute of Management in 2015 as a business administrator. Although not employed yet, she actively participates as a volunteer in the ACCES Anti-Jigger eradication program and community empowerment for vulnerable pupils, another one of the services rendered by ACCES to poor, vulnerable communities. You can join hands with Lynda by supporting ACCES on it’s mission to eradicate poverty.