Scholarship Program

ACCES scholarships are awarded to students who come from poverty, have achieved high marks throughout school, and demonstrated a consistent work ethic. They possess ambition, self-discipline, and perseverance. These are students who are otherwise not capable of continuing their education without assistance. By donating to our scholarship program, you will help provide the assistance these inspiring students in Kenya need to achieve their dreams. You can help make those dreams a reality.



Action Allies!

ACCES says thank you to our Action Allies who make a monthly donation to ACCES. Our monthly giving program provides a stable source of income that allows us to fully implement our programs in Kenya. To become an Action Ally, please fill out the contact information form and we will contact you to make the necessary arrangements.



Community Health

Health is one key to ACCES's community development model. Health in the community, family, and students allows them to put in the time and effort needed to complete their education. ACCES empowers communities to build and enhance their own competence in all areas of life. You can help families learn how to prevent disease and illness. Healthier families have greater incomes and children achieve higher education levels. Communities are creating new futures for themselves. Thank You!


Student Perspective

Edwin’s Story

Edwin’s story is both heartbreaking and typical. Like so many Kenyan children with a disability,…

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A Dream

“I had a dream of joining Kibabi Diploma Teacher’s Training.” When she applied for the…

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5 Years At Home

Lynda, was brought up with a single parent after death snatched her father in the…

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